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A simple bookmark game to complement your readings and motivate you to finnish the book.

Pretend you’re going on a long trip to somewhere to meet someone. Every time you read will count as a day of travel. When you finish the book, you arrive at your destination. Answer the prompts on the bookmark to describe your journey.

Somewhere (pick one or roll a d6)

1. Another country
2. Another continent
3. Another planet
4. Another galaxy
5. Another time
6. Another dimension

What is the name of your mode of transportation? (choose a word or phrase from the book)

Someone (pick one or roll a d6)

1. A lover
2. A mentor
3. An od friend
4. A rival
5. A relative
6. Your clone

What is their name? (choose a name from the book)

What will you tell them when you meet? (choose a quote from the book)


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